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Want a New Look to Your Wrangler? Cover it up with Black Twill Trektop NX

trektop nx black

There is no denying that driving in an open roof vehicle is nice, but it always pays to be prepared for sudden downpours or too much heat.  Purchasing a top for your Jeep will not cost you so much.  If you have a tight budget, you can settle on having a soft top instead of a hard top.

The new Bestop Frameless easy-to-install soft top without a bow system will keep you dry and shield you from the UV rays of the sun.  Trektop NX Black Twill is made of 3 oz. triple-layer black twill fabric that is extremely durable than any other Jeep soft tops.  It maintains its shape in any kind of weather conditions because of the excellent quality fabric.  The fabric is the same fabric used on Rolls Royce and other luxury and high-end sports cars.

The fabric has a soft wrinkle-resistant look.  It does not have PVCs.  It is more flexible and softer.  Its excellent performance during cold weather is comparable to a sailcloth fabric.  The 31% tinted vinyl side and rear windows are DOT-approved, which keeps the interior cooler on warm conditions.

Black Twill Trektop NX suits the 2-door Jeep Wrangler (JK) 2007-2014 models.  Installation time takes only 1-2 hours.  It is offered with a limited lifetime warranty.

Getting your Wrangler the Black Twill Trektop NX gives you the quietest and most convenient ride because of the multilayer material and thicker windows.  The detachable and disposable rear and side windows come with best quality YKK scoop count zippers.  Both also feature an extensive heat-sealing surface for safety and staying power during extreme climate conditions.  A 135 gauge polyester industrial thread keeps the seams fastened for long-lasting durability.

Product Details

  • Superb durability;
  • Kit includes door surrounds, tensioning bow, tainted windows, tailgate gate and retaining clips; and
  • Detachable side windows and rear curtain

Get the new Black Twill Trektop NX to give your Jeep Wrangler a new look!

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