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Rugged Ridge Delux Cab Cover

When you are in the market for Jeep Wrangler accessories you should be looking for accessories that are functional while adding your own personal style to the Jeep.  One way to accomplish that is with one of the Jeep cab covers that are on the market.  Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Rugged Ridge Delux Cab Cover

Rugged Ridge makes these cab covers.  They are custom fitted and will keep the dust, rain, sun and dirt from getting into your Jeep while you are not driving it.  It will also work well to keep prying eyes form what you have inside it.  It is made from polyester fabric that has been coated in vinyl as well as a space age material so there are actually three layers to it.  These covers are easy to use as they just install by way of elastic side straps that are reinforced and hooks that go under the body to hold it in place.

Rugged Ridge Weather Lite Cab Cover

Sometimes we just need something lite instead of something that is packed with features.  That includes cab covers too.  This cover is one of the great Jeep Wrangler accessories because it is really good for everyday protection.  The fabric is durable yet soft and has a pattern of diamond bond which allows moisture to get out.  It is made from spun bond polypropylene which means that it has the ability to repel water while providing the cab protection from the heat and dirt.  The hem is elasticized so you don’t have to worry about either fit or installation.

Mopar Jeep Logo Cab Cover

What a stylish way to help protect the inside of your Jeep!  This cab cover is made from nylon that is water resistant and the color is black.  The Jeep logo is proudly featured on the front of it.  Installation is easy as it uses elastic cords in conjunction with straps that are adjustable.  This cover can be used whether the top is up or down.  This cover comes with its own storage bag too!

Rampage 4 Layer Cab Cover

This cab cover made by Rampage will protect your Jeep from the elements.  It is lightweight, compact and small and it also has an easy installation as it just slides over the top of the Jeep and the windshield frame so that you get a snug fit.  It attaches with the use of straps that fit around the mirrors in the front as well as attaching in the rear too with elastic straps.

We all know that we need to protect our Jeeps.  This is a great and easy way to do it.  There are more types made by different manufacturers than these too.  This is just a small sample of what you can find.

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