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5 Tips to Ease Your Summer Camping Woes

Summer is in full-swing, which means the Jeep top is off and the family is spending the weekend in the great outdoors. A few days of fishing, hiking, wheeling and campfire stories are just what you need! Until a few hours after you set up camp, when the kids are crying about bug bites, the wife can’t sleep because it’s too hot and you’ve already stubbed your toe three times on the same dangblasted rock getting back and forth to the designated bush.

Before you give up on camping in favor of watching the World Cup from the couch, try these five camping tips for summertime camping.

Sage & Rosemary Mosquito Repellent4WD_SummerCampingTips (6)

Make a few bundles of dried rosemary and sage before you hit the trail. Then, toss them into the fire to keep the bugs away. Just make sure you have enough to last the whole weekend!

At the very least, you’ll have the best smelling campsite around.

DIY Trail Washing Machine4WD_SummerCampingTips (3)

You know what would make a spectacular line of Jeep accessories? Sock washers. No matter how many pairs you pack, it is never enough and by the last morning you’re sliding your feet into a pair of sweat-crusted, dirty socks. Enter the trail washer!

All it takes is a large bucket half-filled with water, a smidgen of detergent and a plunger. It will take a little elbow grease, but a good plunging will leave your socks and other camping clothes nice and clean.

Get further instructions here.

Travel Coffee Bags

4WD_SummerCampingTips (5)

I don’t think anyone is going to contest my opinion that, if anyone were foolish enough to compare, instant coffee would taste exactly the same as devil


Instead of stooping to instant coffee lows to get your caffeine fix, make travel coffee filters. Just put a scoop of coffee into a standard coffee filter, then tie it up with (unflavored) dental floss and brew it in hot water like tea.

Water Jug Lantern4WD_SummerCampingTips (2)

Instead of struggling with flashlights or a gas lantern when you’re out in the wild, grab one of the water jugs you’ve packed and strap a headlamp around it. A cheap one is less than ten bucks. Face the light into the jug and viola – instant lantern.

If you lack a headlamp, you can do this almost as effectively using the flashlight app on your cellphone by placing your phone under the water jug.

Cool Your Sheets

The summer heat may be great in the Jeep with the top off and the wind in your hair, but if it doesn’t cool down enough after dark, sleeping can be nearly impossible. An easy solution is to soak one of your sheets in cool water, and then hang it up a couple of feet in front of your tent’s door.

As the water evaporates, it will cool the air around it. In order for this to work properly, there needs to be a breeze blowing that cool air into the tent or you need a small, battery-operated fan. You can achieve a similar effect inside the tent by putting a bowl of ice behind the fan.

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Rachel Bowes is a copywriter with 4WD

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